India’s Key Banking & Financial Institutions Choose Druva inSync

With a market cap of $3B US, the Indian banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector is seeing rapid growth. Banks and financial institutions provide an increasing array of products and services to a massive customer base, all while empowering a large remote workforce and an extensive network of branches across the country. These activities generate terabytes of data on a daily basis which need to be protected.

The Challenge

“The kind of man-hours spent on any implementation is the true test of a product and with Druva inSync, I can vouch for the fact the implementation time taken was the lowest. The product also has an effective and well-developed interface, which made administration very easy.”

Swapnil Patil

AVP-IT, Kotak Securities

Creating secure backups of highly dispersed data over remote networks is a monumental challenge. What the BFSI sector needs is an enterprise backup and recovery solution that performs fast and secure backups while optimizing for storage and network bandwidth.

Financial institutions in India encounter a number of challenges with remote backup, including:

  • Deployment and administration of backup and restore policies for multiple branches and a mobile workforce
  • Storage growth
  • Bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Varying degrees of difficulty for administrators and end users

The sheer volume of data and strict regulations mean there is a need for a secure remote backup solution with low network overheads; scalable enough to handle rapid data growth and capable of maintaining multiple versions of records, without using much storage space.

With several users working remotely, user adoption, policy management and troubleshooting add to the data backup and management concerns. Some features that Financial Institutions consider critical in a remote backup solution include:

  • Centralized administration of backup profiles and retention policies
  • Deduplication to save storage
  • Smart bandwidth usage, especially over WAN network
  • Secure backup and restore
  • Scalability of solution for handling critical data growth

The Solution

“It would help to have our backup solution ensure that there are no storage, maintenance, system performance and bandwidth bottlenecks holding up successful backup. We need our users to backup and restore safely, without the risk of losing data and business.”

Kiran Belsekar

Group Manager – IT Infrastructure, India First Life Insurance Company Ltd.

With Druva inSync, large BFSI enterprises like Prudential ICICI and Canara HSBC completely automated remote backup over LAN, VPN and WAN. The simple interface helped easy adoption, while data deduplication technology reduced storage and bandwidth overheads, making backups both fast and invisible. Druva inSync allows remote backups that are secure and save bandwidth and storage without compromising administrative and policy controls.

Druva inSync features patent-pending App-aware Deduplication technology, which means faster backups and 90% bandwidth and storage savings. An innovative WAN Optimization Engine ensures that backups work efficiently on any network.

Military-grade security of backups over LAN/WAN/VPN ensures that financial institutions can fully address data security concerns while multiple restore options empower users with ready access to their data, wherever they are.

The Results

“Druva inSync’s centralized deployment and secure backups keep users from losing confidential data. The scalability and data deduplication features ensure growing storage needs are met. Implementation and administration is a breeze, ensuring minimal user intervention and compliance.”

Godwin Fernandes

Chief Technology Officer, ASK Group

Storage Savings: By deploying inSync, financial institutions achieved storage savings of up to 70%.

WAN Optimized Backups: Druva inSync considers the available network bandwidth and uses only a reserved percentage for backup as specified by the administrator. This feature allows remote users to back up their critical data despite having limited connectivity.

Military-Grade Security to prevent data loss and leakage: Druva inSync features military-grade security, which makes backup and restore bulletproof. 256-bit TLS encryption ensures that the data is always secure on-wire. A 256-bit AES encryption standard at the storage layer prevents even the administrator from tampering with data.

Centralized Administration for branch offices and mobile workforce: Druva inSync has a powerful reporting engine and an interactive management console which allows the administrator to centrally view, track and schedule remote user backups at the most opportune times.

Simple Installation, Low Maintenance: Druva inSync has a simple 20-minute setup and requires almost zero maintenance, freeing up IT administrators for more important or pressing tasks. Client updates are automatic and can be pushed out seamlessly, without impact to end user productivity.

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