MediaPro reduces admin overhead while protecting remote users

With revenues of $174 million US, Media Pro provides several entertainment channels to a massive customer base in India. Their success has been achieved by a large, empowered remote workforce and an extensive network of branches across the country. Media Pro’s business generates terabytes of data daily, which requires continuous protection.

The Challenge

“Druva inSync addresses the major challenges with end-point backups. It frees administrators to perform other critical tasks and outperforms on WAN, proving to be the best in its class.”

Kumar Deep Das

Assistant VP – IT and Systems

Media Pro encountered a number of problems with its previous laptop and PC backup solution, including:

  • Slow backups over WAN
  • Administrative overheads due to solution complexity
  • Difficulties in taking disk to tape backups of server data
  • Technical issues requiring extensive troubleshooting with vendor involvement

“We needed a low administrative-overhead solution so that our administrators could be freed from day-to-day endpoint backup administration and tend to other essential tasks,” said Kumar, Deep Das, Assistant VP, IT and Systems

Protecting the large remote workforce at Media Pro was critical. “All our remote users carried important data on their laptops, travelling frequently to service customers in different geographies. It was essential to provide them quick access to backed up data in case of an exigency or disaster,” said Kumar.

After encountering several issues with their previous vendor, Media Pro chose Druva inSync. Some features that they considered critical in a laptop and PC backup solution included:

  • Fast, secure and optimized backup and restore over WAN
  • Centralized administration with low administrative overheads
  • Disaster recovery
  • Scalability of the solution with growing data

The Solution

“Our backup administrators are elated by the fact that inSync doesn’t require much attention, enables them to employ centralized policies and controls with ease and offers efficient reduplication.”

Kumar Deep Das

Assistant VP – IT and Systems

Druva inSync provided Media Pro total data protection of their remote endpoints with completely automated PC and remote laptop backup over LAN, VPN and WAN. The simple client interface helped easy adoption, while data deduplication technology reduced storage and bandwidth overheads, making backups both fast and invisible.

Druva inSync features patent-pending App-aware Deduplication technology, which means faster backups and 90% bandwidth and storage savings. An innovative WAN Optimization Engine ensures that backups work efficiently on any network.

Military-grade AES encryption of data over LAN/WAN/VPN and at rest ensures that Media Pro can fully address data security concerns while multiple restore options empower users with ready access to their data, wherever they are.

The Results

“The ROI for the product can be achieved within a period of 10 – 12 months of deployment and usage. In totality, Druva inSync is value for money.”

Kumar Deep Das

Assistant VP – IT and Systems

  • Storage Savings: By deploying inSync, Media Pro achieved storage savings of up to 65%
  • WAN Optimized Backups: Druva inSync utilizes only a reserved percentage of available network bandwidth for backup as specified by the administrator, allowing remote users to backup their critical data with no performance degradation
  • Centralized Administration: Druva inSync provides an interactive management console that allows administrators to centrally define and manage policies for user backups across the entire organization and monitor the status of user backups
  • Simple Installation, Low Maintenance: With a simple 10-minute setup and near-zero maintenance, Druva inSync enables IT administrators to free up more time. Client updates are automatic and can be pushed out seamlessly without any impact to end user productivity

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