Pallavolo Modena protects critical team data on its endpoints

As one of the most successful professional volleyball teams in the world, Pallavolo Modena needed a way to protect its highly-valuable data from loss. The team stores critical data and statistics from each match on laptops in order to develop strategies for future play.

The Challenge

“Volleyball is a sport based on statistics, and access to statistics requires laptop computers. The goal is to have data quickly and easily anytime and anyplace, in case of crashes. That’s why we chose Druva inSync.”

Alberto Guidoboni

Head of IT

Pallavolo Modena

Born as Gruppo Sportivo Panini in 1966, Pallavolo has won 11 Italian Volleyball League championships, 10 Volleyball Cups, 4 CEV Champion Cups and more. This winning team relies on ready access to their important data, such as performance statistics.

Because this valuable data resided on laptops which were carried around by team managers and marketing and sales personnel, Pallavolo needed a way to ensure their data was protected in the event a laptop was lost or stolen. In addition, laptops are at risk of damage during team events, something that happened previously when a laptop was hit by a ball during a match.

With laptops being used in a wide variety of locations depending on context including in the stadium and in the gym, the team needed a way to ensure that backups and restores took place successfully on a wide variety of networks.

The Solution

Pallavolo Modena chose inSync to provide the data protection and security it required. Backups and restores take place successfully in the background on devices, and data is fully protected from loss and breach.

  • Advanced data deduplication techniques, WAN optimization, and opportunistic scheduling result in backups that are fully automated and take place non-intrusively for users. Pallavolo Modena’s data remains backed up, regardless of the network used
  • Anytime, anywhere access to data lets team personnel view, download, and edit files from any device, including smartphones and tablets
  • inSync’s enterprise security, including 256-bit encryption and strict access controls, help the team meet Italian laws concerning security and privacy guidelines
  • Data loss prevention protects the team’s critical data and statistics from leakage and breach in the event that a device is damaged, lost, or stolen
  • Centralized management makes it easy for the team to have control over corporate data, even while devices are on the road with the team

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