Pfizer solves OS migration challenges with inSync

Global pharmaceutical company Pfizer needed to find a new endpoint backup solution to fit its evolving needs. With 60,000 laptops and 99% of their workforce on Windows XP, they faced a massive migration to Windows 7 before April 2014. And, as a strictly-regulated company, Pfizer had to choose a solution that would comply with governance requirements without impacting employee productivity.

The Challenge

Continuing to use their current backup solution after migration would require costly hardware and software upgrades for Pfizer. Their current solution also didn’t provide support for the migration itself, meaning that they would have to use a separate product to move each user’s data and device settings to each Windows 7 device.

Pfizer’s existing endpoint backup solution offered limited mobility options for the company’s workforce. They needed a backup that could support all available mobile options, providing employees a choice in the devices they used. And with 300 locations across the globe, Pfizer needed flawless operation, even under limited bandwidth conditions. They also required a solution that would support SAML 2.0 and work with their unique SAML implementation. Finally, they wanted a secure cloud-based solution, preventing the need for costly improvements to their own storage infrastructure.

Migrating with inSync Cloud

inSync provides:

  • Complete data and settings backup to enable OS migration
  • Ability for users to self-restore data
  • Anytime, anywhere data access across multiple devices
  • Data deduplication and WAN optimization for invisible backups

Pfizer selected inSync Cloud to provide their next generation of endpoint support. in- Sync provides complete backup of a user’s data and settings, including OS and application settings such as browser, printer, and Microsoft Office and Outlook settings. Users can self-restore this data when necessary, meaning that IT can upgrade a device from Windows XP to 7 and give it directly to the user, who can then restore their own system settings and data. This provides IT with time savings not just during the migration, but at any point that a user needs a new or refreshed device. Since Pfizer refreshes 10% of their devices each year, this results in thousands of IT hours saved.

inSync also provides Pfizer’s workforce with mobility and choice. inSync supports Windows, Mac, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, and even Windows 8 phones. End users can work seamlessly across their different devices, regardless of the type of device or OS. Because inSync was built for mobility, it operates seamlessly regardless of network quality. Its powerful deduplication engine reduces the amount of data sent during a backup, resulting in smaller, faster backups. Smart network utilization such as WAN optimization and bandwidth throttling makes the backup process invisible to end users and results in more consistent data protection.

inSync Cloud utilizes Amazon Web Services to provide secure, elastic storage. This makes it straightforward for Pfizer to scale their storage to their needs, without the need for costly infrastructure investment. Multiple regions and availability zones also give Pfizer control over their data in the cloud. They can specify where data for each of their 300 locations is stored, guaranteeing compliance with strict data regulations. And because inSync Cloud supports SAML 2.0 and integrates with Pfizer’s existing SAML implementation, it is easy for them to expand their existing authentication policies to include inSync.

The Future with inSync

inSync simplifies Pfizer’s Windows XP migration project by lessening the burden on IT staff to restore each user’s data and personal settings. Pfizer will also continue to leverage inSync for data migration as part of their standard device refresh process. Yet unlike costly migration tools, inSync will continue to provide complete data protection after migration. inSync will also provide Pfizer’s workforce the flexibility they need through its network optimization and support for a broad range of devices and operating systems. Furthermore, the scalability and security of the cloud infrastructure means that it will grow as Pfizer’s data needs do. inSync meets Pfizer’s immediate migration needs today, but it will also continue to protect their data tomorrow.

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