RWTH Aachen University embraces BYOD with Druva inSync

RWTH Aachen University is one of Europe’s premier educational and research institutions and is a member of the IDEA League. It has 480 professors and 4,000 staff employees in research, teaching, and administration.

The Challenge

“Druva is the perfect solution for protecting our mobile users’ endpoint data.”

Dr. Thomas Eifert

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University is a premier educational and research institution. It has partnerships with companies in multiple industries, resulting in the creation of valuable intellectual property. RWTH Aachen University supports a BYOD policy whereby professors and staff access data on endpoints – laptops, tablets and smartphones – that are used for work as well as personal use. Several of these users carry sensitive data and intellectual property on their endpoints. In implementing a BYOD policy, RWTH Aachen faced challenges with protecting their IP on endpoints:

  • Endpoint data backed up over WANs and VPN-less networks was subject to security threats
  • Users required the ability to configure backups on individual devices
  • A secure file-sharing solution was required to allow users to collaborate and sync data across all their devices
  • While users needed to backup their devices and share files over the internet, the server had to be on premise

RWTH Aachen University needed a unified solution providing enterprise endpoint backup and secure file sharing.

The Solution

“inSync allows us to sync and share files while protecting the intellectual property of RWTH Aachen University.”

Dr. Thomas Eifert

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University selected Druva inSync, a unified platform for endpoint backup, secure file sharing, DLP, and analytics to manage data on its endpoints. RWTH Aachen University has deployed inSync on premise and has enabled mobile users to benefit from inSync’s endpoint backup and secure file sharing capabilities. Its non-intrusive and user-friendly nature has led to rapid adoption among end users.

The Results

IP protected: inSync protects RWTH Aachen University’s intellectual property on endpoints by applying enterprise-grade encryption on data backed up over public networks.

Productivity increased: users now have anywhere, anytime access to their data, and securely share files with colleagues or external collaborators. A common use case is for a professor to create presentations on one device and then use the files synced to another device in the classroom.

User configured backup: inSync gives users the ability to select files and folders for backup, frequency of backups, and the percentage of bandwidth and CPU dedicated to backups.

Storage and bandwidth savings: inSync deduplicates data across backup and filesharing functions to provide increased bandwidth and storage savings.

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