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Protecting and managing data across an entire enterprise is a multifaceted challenge. Trying to address each aspect individually creates widespread inefficiency for you and your users. Enterprises require a converged data protection solution that seamlessly combines data governance and availability. inSync is it.

A Single Solution for Your Many Needs

“Druva had a complete integrated solution. We could actually retire some other technology that is more expensive.”

Jorge Mata

Chief Information Officer, LACCD

inSync makes it easy to effectively protect and govern mobile data. inSync secures your data against loss and breach, while giving IT full visibility and empowering users with secure, anywhere data access and sharing. Plus, inSync scales easily to accommodate any number of users, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of a converged data protection solution as your organization grows.

All Corporate Data, All in One Place

inSync backs up your organization’s data to a central server — no matter where it’s created or accessed. Having data stored centrally gives IT full visibility and eases data collection for eDiscovery. And, global deduplication reduces bandwidth and storage by up to 80%.

IT Management Made Easy

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Efficiently manage a large number of users with different situations, requirements, working locations, and job roles. inSync lets you configure all aspects of backup, access, restore, and sharing, and apply the same permissions to groups of users. Activity streams, summary charts, and reports give you visibility into all corporate data and all aspects of data usage across the organization.

Big Upside For End Users

inSync increases productivity by providing users with a unified client experience that not only reduces the amount of time needed for learning, but also enables users to efficiently access, share, and restore their data. The intuitive graphical interface integrates into the native file environment on laptops and desktops to provide a familiar experience for end users across devices, eliminating the motivation to resort to unsanctioned alternatives.

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