Enterprise Laptop Encryption

inSync prevents data breach with encryption, geo-location, and remote wipe

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Advanced File-Level Laptop Encryption

Files and folders can be identified for backup and encryption by both the administrator and the user. Encryption can be enabled for mandatory files or folders, user-defined files or folders, or all folders.

inSync leverages Windows’ Encrypting File System, to implement a 256-bit AES encryption of files on your NTFS volumes (Windows XP machines and later).

Centralized Laptop Encryption Policies

Configuring encryption is simple through the inSync admin dashboard. Admins can specify the files and folders to be encrypted using the same backup policies. Encryption policies can be set up for group or individual endpoints. Additional exclude filters for encryption can be applied, if needed.

Transparent to Laptop Users

Encryption and decryption are automated, with no additional steps or passwords needed. Backups continue to remain non-disruptive and transparent.

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