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Laptop tracking, encryption, geo-location, and remote data wipe.

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Device Trace

As a theft deterrent, SafePoint can determine the exact location of devices for enabled endpoints. It employs a software engine that provides the geographical location of devices with an accuracy of 10 to 20 meters at any point in time. A map on the inSync dashboard makes it easy to see where enabled devices are located.

SafePoint provides an instant view of the location of remote endpoint devices as they come online, with details such as street, city, state, or country. It enables the initiation of a remote decommission to wipe critical data from the device and prevent data breach.

Software-Based Solution

SafePoint’s software engine uses advanced hybrid positioning algorithms based on data from Wi-Fi access points, GPS satellites and cell towers to keep track of all your remote endpoint devices. Based on this information, you can trace a stolen or lost device, or initiate a data wipe using the remote decommission feature.

Google Maps Mash-up

A familiar Google Maps interface provides a quick view of the coordinates for every endpoint device available on the inSync management console, along with access to the IP address assigned to the device when it was last online.

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