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inSync enables encryption, geo-location, and remote wipe.

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Data Delete

Data delete, part of inSync’s data loss prevention capabilities, meets NSA security standards and protects lost or stolen devices from data breach. Time-based alerts and policies can be setup to decommission a device that does not connect to the server for a pre-set period or to classify a missing device as being “On Alert”.

Remote Delete & Decommission

With inSync, data can be remotely deleted from lost or stolen devices. Once activated through the Web-based management console, decommission commences as soon as the device comes online. The console enables administrators to easily see how many endpoints are set up to be decommissioned and how many have completed decommissioning.

Auto Delete & Decommission

inSync allows you to configure a time-based auto delete trigger for each enabled device, so that the device can be decommissioned if it does not connect with the inSync server for a specified number of days. If needed, auto decommission can be disabled.

Time-based Alerts

Configurable time-based alerts provide notifications if a device has not backed up for a pre-set number of hours or days, and it allows categorization of a device to ‘On Alert’ status. Depending on how the alerts are configured, a remote decommission can be initiated, or data delete on a specific device can be put on hold.

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