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inSync is the only unified solution that offers award-winning backup for laptops, smart phones and tablets; Integrated file sharing & collaboration with enterprise-grade security; Integrated DLP with data encryption, geo-tracking, and remote data delete; Unified data insights with real-time search and reports. The unified platform approach delivers both IT efficiencies and a superior end user experience:

  • Consolidated endpoint policy management across devices and users saves time and effort for IT
  • Common de-duplication across backup and file sharing delivers huge savings in storage & bandwidth
  • A single client experience across all their endpoint data empowers end users

Global, App-Aware Dedupe – Saves up to 80% Bandwidth and Storage

inSync’s global, source-based deduplication technology is application-aware and saves only a single copy of files across backup and file sharing. By understanding the disk-structure of commonly used file-formats, inSync performs deduplication at the object level, ensuring 100% duplicate reduction for Microsoft Outlook, Office documents and PDFs.

  • Client-side de-duplication saves 80% bandwidth
  • App-aware technology is optimized specifically for applications such as Outlook, Office, PDF’s
  • Innovative HyperCache technology dramatically improves scale and improves speed by 80%
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WAN Optimized Data Syncs – Smart Bandwidth Throttling & Auto-Resumes

inSync’s WAN optimization engine queries the available network for noise and latency and chooses the optimal packet size for data transfer. The administrator controls the amount of bandwidth used by specifying the fraction of available bandwidth to be consumed by backups. To maximize use of the available bandwidth, the WAN optimization engine spawns up to 8 threads on the same network socket. It also ensures that the data sync is automatically resumed when interrupted over a weak network.

  • Optimizes based on network noise, latency, and packet size
  • Smart Bandwidth throttling adapts to varying network conditions
  • Auto-resume backups saves critical user time and productivity
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Simple, Non-Intrusive – Configure Once with Near-Zero Maintenance

inSync is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. Easy to deploy and configure, the installation is common across all unified features and takes less than 20 minutes.

  • Quick installation wizards and out-of-the-box settings make first use experience a breeze
  • It’s designed to be so non-intrusive to end users that it’s virtually invisible
  • Designed for near-zero maintenance, inSync offers one of the lowest TCO in the industry
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Enterprise Scale – HyperCache boosts storage performance

inSync offers unmatched enterprise-scale features for large enterprise deployments in both on-premise and cloud deployments. New HyperCache technology and support for SSD enables the Enterprise server to support up to 16TB of deduped storage as well as 200 parallel backup connections.

  • Elastic architecture supports large-scale enterprise deployments on cloud and on premise
  • Global, mass client deployment options saves time and effort to get started
  • Integration with Active Directory simplifies management and authentication
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Enterprise-Class Security – Secure backups for enterprise laptops

inSync incorporates the highest-grade standards available for unmatched security of endpoint data. The security features cover data security, access control, and for the cloud, data center infrastructure & network security and third party audit of policies and procedures.

  • Industry-first unique encryption management provides a highly secure cloud environment
  • Encryption of data in transit (256-bit TLS) and in store (256-bit AES) secures data end-to-end
  • ISAE 3000 and SAS-70 certifications assure secure cloud technology and operations
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Flexible Deployment – Full Power, On-Premise or in the Cloud

inSync offers flexible deployment options for small businesses and enterprises, who can choose between an on-premise and a cloud deployment based on their business needs and preferences.

  • inSync On-premise allows you to deploy inSync in your own private cloud. A single on-premise server can support up to 10,000 users
  • inSync Cloud is a secure, enterprise-class solution offered as a software as a service (SaaS), which is both SAS 70 and ISAE 3000 certified
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