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Protect critical enterprise data on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

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inSync’s mobile solution provides protection and availability of data on enterprise smart phones and tablets. All mobile solutions are available on iOS (iPad, iPhone) and Android devices and work with both inSync on-premise and cloud deployments.

iOS & Android Data Backup

Critical data on mobile devices can be configured for automatic backup. IT can configure folders to be backed up, the frequency of backup, and the resources to be used (e.g., data connection if WiFi is unavailable).

The default folders available for backup are contacts, photos and videos.

Mobile Remote Data Wipe

As part of SafePoint for inSync, mobile devices can be enabled to have data remotely wiped off the device if it’s lost or stolen. This decommissioning feature assures IT that data on the lost device doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

There are two ways data can be wiped from mobile devices. The auto decommissioning feature wipes data automatically based on a pre-configured rule to wipe data from any device that has not connected with the inSync server for a certain time interval. The remote decommissioning feature is manually initiated by the Administrator when a user alerts IT that their device may have been lost. The data on the device will be deleted as soon as it connects with inSync.

Mobile Geo Location Tracking

As part of SafePoint for inSync, mobile devices can be enabled to be tracked with geo location information. The geo location tracking feature provides location coordinates for a device with up to 20m accuracy based on the last time it connects with inSync.

In addition to displaying city and state information, inSync also maps the coordinates on an interactive Google Maps chart that allows a zoom into the exact location.

Mobile Data Encryption

As part of SafePoint for inSync, mobile devices can be enabled to have critical data encrypted in the device. The data encryption disables anyone from viewing local device files in clear text without a valid authentication.

Data encryption, if enabled, works on the same files that are selected for mobile backup.

Mobile Access to Multi-Device Data

inSync enables mobile users to access their data on any device they own, from anywhere, any time.

Multi-device data is organized by devices and by time-based snapshots (organized by Today, This Week, and Earlier). Upon selecting a device (e.g., laptop), a user is launched directly into the latest version of all files from that device.

Mobile Access Control & Policy Management

Users can instantly self-deploy the inSync mobile app on any device using just their user ID and password.

Administrators can manage backup (content, schedule, etc.) and data loss prevention (data wipe, encryption, geo-location, etc.) policies centrally in the same user profile without having to create a separate policy for each mobile device.

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