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Druva inSync provides a full-featured enterprise online backup suite for laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets. inSync offers secure, lightning fast data backups and restores to and from a virtual private cloud.

Global Deduplication Saves 80% Bandwidth

inSync uses global source-based data deduplication to save only a single copy of content across users and applications. This innovative technology delivers up to 10x faster online backup and up to 80% savings in bandwidth and storage.

  • Client-side de-duplication saves 80% bandwidth
  • App-aware technology is optimized specifically for applications such as Outlook, Office, PDF’s
  • Innovative HyperCache technology dramatically improves scale and improves speed by 80%
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WAN Optimized Backups

inSync’s WAN optimization engine queries the available network for noise and latency and chooses the optimal packet size for data transfer to maximize use of the available bandwidth. It also ensures that the data backup and restores are automatically resumed when interrupted over weak networks.

  • Optimizes based on network noise, latency, and packet size
  • Smart Bandwidth throttling adapts to varying network conditions
  • Auto-resume backups saves critical user time and productivity
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Multi-Dimensional Security for 360° Protection

inSync Cloud offers the industry-best security for online backup to protect critical corporate data on the cloud.

  • SAS-70 certified Amazon AWS-powered infrastructure
  • Unique encryption key management
  • Strict password and access control
  • Complete compartmentalization of customer data
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Industry-First Two-Factor Encryption

Unlike competitive solutions that deploy a single encryption key across all customers, inSync uses a unique two-factor encryption management, which is similar to how a bank locker system works.

  • Unique encryption key generated per customer and is further encrypted using admin credentials
  • Data is decrypted only during a customer session by using their unique credentials
  • Because of secure 2-factor encryption, Druva cannot have access to any customer data
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Global Availability with Enterprise-Class SLAs

inSync Cloud offers the following SLA’s for enterprises:

  • Deploy globally in any region for optimal online backup and restore performance
  • 99.5% availability achieved by thorough data replication across multiple availability zones within each region (24 hours per day, 7 days per week)
  • 99.99999% data durability. Designed to sustain the concurrent loss of data in two facilities
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