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Scalability of the cloud with on-prem security and performance.

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For large enterprises with an organizational culture of on-premise deployment, likely driven by perceived security, performance, control, regulatory compliance or existing investments, the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud model are tempting but not feasible. inSync Private Cloud offers the best of both worlds: on-premise deployment with all the benefits of the cloud.

inSync Private Cloud provides you an elastic cloud architecture with on-demand linear scalability, central IT management, all at a low total cost of ownership.

Global Deployment with Linear Scalability

Private Cloud enables you to easily deploy inSync globally across multiple regions. A single “cloud” master can connect an incoming request to the right storage node that can be deployed anywhere.

  • Linearly scalable architecture with a single “cloud” master and any number of storage nodes
  • Storage nodes for data, which can be deployed globally depending on user locations and storage needs
  • Single “cloud” master for authentication and management
  • Edge-server in the DMZ delivers added security by providing secure communication with inSync servers behind the firewall

Elastic Storage On Demand

inSync Private Cloud supports an elastic, on-demand storage architecture to scale with your needs.

  • Increase storage capacity on demand by adding storage volumes to a storage node
  • Automate data balancing across storage volumes in a storage pool
  • Scale up each storage node to handle up to 10,000 users
  • Scale out by dynamically adding new storage nodes as existing ones reach capacity
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Multi Destination and Replication for High Availability

With multi-destination backups and automatic failover, inSync Private Cloud ensures that organizations never have to experience data loss or inaccessibility.

  • Dual destination backups to primary and secondary storage nodes with individually configurable schedules
  • Periodic population of secondary by primary speeds up backups to secondary and saves bandwidth
  • Automatic failover of backups and restores provides zero downtime and continuous employee access to data
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Centralized Management Across Storage Nodes

inSync Private Cloud provides a single administrative console to seamlessly manage users, policies, and storages across multiple storage nodes.

  • Unified web management interface provides one place to add/remove inSync storage nodes, manage administrators, and access reports
  • Centralized administration simplifies management of users and policies across backup, DLP, Share and Data Analytics
  • Conduct federated search across any storage node and create reports and alerts across multiple storage nodes
  • Multi-tenancy option enables MSPs to individually manage multiple organizations

Seamless Integration with OpenStack

inSync Private Cloud integrated with OpenStack empowers enterprises and MSPs with a massively scalable solution.

  • Scale vertically and horizontally to petabytes of storage with linear performance using Swift object storage
  • Benefit from a redundant and highly-durable storage with no single point of failure
  • Drive down costs by using commodity hardware with Swift’s software logic for data replication and distribution

Managed Services Option

For enterprises looking for a cloud-like service model for their on-premise deployment, inSync offers a managed services option for an end-to-end Private Cloud deployment and management.

  • Hardware sizing and storage planning services
  • Deployment services including client mass deployment and AD/reporting integration
  • Weekly health checks with reporting and analytics for trend analysis and planning
  • Training services for IT
  • Dedicated contacts for support and services

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