Remote Laptop Backup

Secure WAN Optimized Backup for Remote Workforce.

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Laptop Backup for Remote Users

Druva inSync is designed specifically keeping in mind the remote or mobile laptop users. The product incorporates key features to deliver unmatched performance and security while backing up over VPN or even unprotected WAN.

WAN Optimized Backups

Druva inSync uses powerful WAN optimization to boost the speed of backup over a weak link for remote users. InSync detects the network type and automatically manipulates packet sizes and level of parallelism to achieve optimal backup performance.

The administrator can set fixed (value based) or variable (percentage based) restrictions on bandwidth for connecting laptops. The rules can be made to vary depending upon the connecting network.

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Smarter Global Data Deduplication

Druva inSync uses global source based data deduplication to save “only a single copy” of content duplicated across users. This delivers up to 10 times faster backup with 90% reduction in bandwidth and storage.

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Data Loss Prevention

With inSync’s integrated DLP IT can track users’ laptops, encrypt and wipe data remotely if devices are ever lost or stolen. Its data insights feature helps IT perform a global search and analyze endpoint data while enabling users to access their data from any mobile device or the Web.

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Enterprise-Class Security

inSync offers advanced, multi-dimensional security features to ensure the highest security standards. Its end-to-end data security, unique encryption management, and industry-standard certification & compliance are all designed for enterprise-class deployment.

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