WAN Optimization

Smart bandwidth throttling and auto-resume for 10x faster backups.

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Continuous Data Protection

inSync’s WAN optimization engine ensures that backups are fast and effective, providing continuous data protection on networks of varying quality. By using available bandwidth efficiently, inSync’s WAN optimization engine results in backups that are fast and virtually invisible to end-users.

Automatic Network Detection

inSync’s WAN optimization engine uses bandwidth optimally by analyzing available networks and optimizing the data transfer.

  • inSync’s WAN optimization engine queries the network for noise and latency to determine if the connection is LAN or WAN
  • The optimal packet size for the available network is then chosen
  • Multiple threads are spawned for the client to make the best use of available bandwidth

Smart Bandwidth Throttling

To ensure that backups are successfully executed in the background in an unobtrusive manner, inSync provides additional controls for administrators.

  • Smart percentage-based bandwidth caps selectively throttle bandwidth based on amount available
  • Bandwidth caps can be configured differently for each user profile for complete control of bandwidth consumption
  • Minimum bandwidth can be set to prevent backups from occurring unless a certain amount of bandwidth is available
  • Data transfers can be prevented from occurring over cellular data networks (3G, 4G), which are automatically detected

Auto-Resume Backup & Restore

When backups or restores are interrupted for any reason, inSync resumes backups and restores automatically without the user having to restart the operation, saving bandwidth and user productivity.

  • Each inSync client maintains a distributed cache that has the state map of the last running backup or restore
  • After an incomplete backup or restore, inSync automatically detects a new connection and resumes the process
  • Auto-resume is especially useful when backing up or restoring large files and folders

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