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Druva inSync vs. Altiris/Symantec DLO

Executive Summary

Altiris and DLO are PC backup solutions that are inadequate for the needs of today’s mobile enterprise. Validated by leading analysts and a growing customer base, inSync offers the industry’s best data protection solution for all enterprise endpoints – laptops, smartphones, and tablets. inSync dramatically improves IT efficiencies and end-user productivity. A recent study “Quantifying the Value of Unified Endpoint Data Management” conducted by the Ponemon Institute indicates that enterprises can save more than $8100 per user by employing a solution that integrates endpoint backup with secure file sharing, DLP, and analytics.

1. Altiris End-of-Life

Symantec’s acquisition of Altiris and then end-of-life announcement of the Altiris Recovery Solution has left Altiris customers stranded and seeking a better alternative.

  • Altiris Recovery Solution was declared end-of-life in 2010
  • Altiris Recovery Solution was replaced by Backup Exec DLO, which is now replaced by a standalone Symantec Desktop Laptop Option (DLO)
  • Altiris product support ended in April 2012; Only partial support continues until October 2013
  • There is a heavy push from Symantec to transition Altiris customers to DLO, which is another clunky, outdated solution unsuited for the needs of today’s mobile endpoint users. Moreover, DLO formats are completely different from those of Altiris Recovery Solution; direct conversion of data is not possible

2. The Smart Choice – Druva inSync

Many Altiris customers have instead migrated to Druva inSync, an endpoint backup solution ranked #1 and rated excellent in Gartner’s recent report “Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup.” inSync is their preferred endpoint solution because it offers these unique benefits:

  • It is the industry’s only solution architected from the ground-up for endpoints (laptops, smartphones, tablets)
  • Its unique data-deduplication technology saves 90% storage and bandwidth (ESG Lab Review – Druva inSync), resulting in the most efficient backups for both IT and end-users
  • It is optimized for today’s remote workforce working over WAN and requiring a non-intrusive experience
  • It offers enterprise-grade security, scalability, and deployment flexibility on-premise or in the cloud
  • It empowers mobile users with extended BYOD capabilities

3. Product Comparison

Feature ComparisonAltirisSymantec DLOinSync
Deduplication Server-side only Global dedupe (File-level) only on initial backup Global, client-side dedupe on all backups
Mobile access, BYOD support Mobile apps on iOS, Android, & Windows Phone 8, BYOD policies
Deployment, configuration, and management High effort, time consuming High effort, time consuming Centralized management, integrated mass deployment
Data Loss Prevention Integrated encryption, remote wipe & geo-tracking
IT-blessed File-sharing Integrated, secure
Deployment Options On-premise only On-premise only On-premise & cloud
End-user experience Highly intrusive Highly intrusive Non-intrusive
Device/OS heterogeneity Windows only Windows only Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

4. Deduplication

Altiris provides a three-level approach to server-side deduplication and compression with each snapshot:

  • Redundant File Elimination, which filters out files already present in the repository
  • Redundant Block Elimination, which reduces data transmission size by transmitting and storing portions of each file that are different from the previous snapshot
  • HLZS data compression

The Altiris approach has a limited impact on bandwidth and storage savings, resulting in a sub-optimal end-user experience.

DLO 7.5 performs a global deduplication only on the initial backup of a file.

  • Deduplication is performed at a file-level so any duplicate data at the sub-file level is not eliminated.
  • If a file is modified, DLO does not deduplicate the file any longer but transfers all the changes in the file which results in significant storage and bandwidth consumption.
  • With PST files, DLO can only deduplicate attachments and not messages.

Druva inSync employs the industry-leading global, client-side, application-aware deduplication technology.

  • Unlike Altiris and DLO, which transfer all of the client’s incremental changes, inSync only transfers incremental data that is unique on the server
  • By performing deduplication across all users and devices in the enterprise for initial and subsequent backups of a file, inSync achieves tremendous storage and bandwidth gains
  • Further, inSync understands the on-disk application formats for commonly used endpoint applications (Outlook, Office, PDF) and is able to determine changes at a much finer-grained object level than the fixed block approach used by other solutions
  • inSync uses MAPI to deduplicate PST files and is able to reduce redundancy at the individual message level for optimal PST backup performance

The result – inSync backups are smarter and consume far less bandwidth and storage – a benefit to both IT and end-users.

5. Mobile Access and BYOD Support

Altiris and Symantec DLO offer minimal support for mobility or BYOD.

  • Altiris and DLO backup only Windows laptops.
  • Neither solution allows VPN-less remote access or web-based self restores by users.
  • Neither solution provides mobile apps for users or IT policies for BYOD enablement.
  • DLO 7.5 is licensed per laptop

inSync provides cross-platform data backup for endpoint devices:

  • inSync covers a broad variety of OS and device platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, Apple iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile
  • inSync delivers multi-device access and multi-device ownership capabilities with a single license per user, for any number of devices
  • Optimized for WAN, inSync allows remote users to backup and restore over VPN-less WANs and automatically resumes backups dropped because of network conditions
  • Users can self-deploy and self-restore their devices
  • Users can access and restore data backed up from any of their devices using the client, inSync web, or mobile app
  • inSync mobile app backs up corporate data for both corporate and BYOD smartphones and tablets
  • Data loss prevention capabilities allow corporate data to be remotely wiped from corporate and BYOD devices
  • Integrated file sharing lets users securely collaborate while providing IT visibility and control over corporate data
  • inSync’s BYOD-related policies allow IT administrators the flexibility to manage user-owned devices
  • Enable mobile device access and mobile sharing based on profile
  • Protect critical corporate data on user-owned mobile devices
  • Remote wipe only the inSync container on a device or the entire device
  • Enable mobile backup only over WiFi networks
inSync Mobile Policies

6. Global Mass Deployment

DLO7.5 requires significant IT effort for mass deployment, as IT must write custom scripts.

With in-built mass deployment tools, inSync does not require custom scripts and saves up to 75% of the initial deployment time. inSync’s integrated mass deployment feature leverages utilities such as Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM, and Casper (JAMF software) to quickly and easily deploy inSync clients without user involvement.

7. Installation and Management

DLO7.5 Administrator Console
inSync Administrator Console

DLO 7.5 requires significant IT time and effort to install and maintain.

  • Requires installation of DLO Administration Console, DLO Administration Server, DLO Maintenance Server, DLO Database Server, Dedupe Server, and a SQL Server
  • DLO can only be managed from the installed management console

inSync features integrated tools, pre-configured options, and a visual interface for simple installation and maintenance.

  • inSync can be set up on-premise in a matter of minutes and instantly on the cloud
  • Pre-configured user-profiles out of the box can be easily extended to create new profiles
  • 1-Click Quick Configuration allows administrators set up commonly used data sources such as email, desktop, documents etc. for backup
  • Web-based centralized administrative console allows for seamless management of users, policies, and data across inSync storage nodes
  • The same set of profiles and policies can be applied across endpoint backup, file-sharing, and DLP
  • Global real-time federated search enables administrators to quickly locate a specific file on any endpoint
  • Reports and data analytics offer detailed information on users, devices, files, versions (restore points), date modified, and size with out-of-the-box report filters
  • View administrator activities with undeletable stream of all activities including managing users, data, storage, and reports

8. Performance

DLO Backup Client
inSync Client

DLO’s limited bandwidth throttling and data reduction, result in backups that are intrusive causing users to turn off the client, leaving data unprotected.

  • Even in enhanced throttling mode, DLO does not throttle data transfers when backing up Outlook PST files
  • DLO’s Deduplication techniques have minimal impact on bandwidth and storage
  • DLO does not offer multi-threaded restores

inSync offers multiple bandwidth throttling options as well as advanced deduplication techniques, so backups take place in the background and data remains continuously protected.

  • inSync dynamically throttles bandwidth during backups with percentage-based bandwidth throttling: administrators (and users, if enabled) can specify bandwidth usage as a percentage of what is available
  • inSync also offers maximum and minimum bandwidth caps
  • inSync offers CPU throttling: CPU priority can be assigned so that backups do not interfere with users’ high-priority applications
  • WAN optimization engine analyzes available network resources, selects the appropriate packet size, and spawns multiple threads to make the best use of the available bandwidth
  • Backups are restores are multi-threaded and any interrupted backups or restores are automatically resumed
  • Advanced deduplication at the client-side minimizes bandwidth and storage requirements for smaller, faster backups
inSync bandwidth and CPU throttling from the client
inSync bandwidth & CPU throttling
from the admin console

9. Data Loss Prevention

Neither Altiris nor DLO offers integrated data loss prevention. inSync’s integrated DLP reduces the total economic impact of a lost or stolen device by providing multi-layered protection of critical corporate data on endpoints.

  • Critical files and folders can be selected for data encryption. Encryption and decryption are automated with no need for any additional user steps
  • Remote wipe data on lost or stolen devices
  • Configure auto-delete policies to automatically wipe data if a device has not connected for a specified number of days
  • Geo-locate devices with an accuracy of 10-to-20 meters
  • Use the same set of policies (folder selection, include and exclude filters, etc.) and user profiles as backup

10. IT-blessed File Sync & Share

nSync is the only solution that integrates endpoint backup with enterprise-ready file sharing providing IT with visibility & control and employees with ease-of-use and a single-client experience.

  • Files and folders are automatically synced across all of a user’s devices
  • Rich mobile sharing allows sharing from any mobile application on iOS, Android, and Windows 8
  • Send large files to external users via automatically expiring links (expire links based on number of days, or number of views)
  • Deep IT policy management including sharing permissions within and outside the organization, ability to share on mobile devices, and data retention
  • IT visibility into all sharing activities
  • Centralized user and policy management across backup, DLP, and file-sharing
  • Significant bandwidth and storage savings from deduplication across backup and file sharing

11. Deployment Options

Businesses typically decide between on-premise software and cloud software based on their IT strategy, investments in infrastructure, corporate policies and regulatory controls among other reasons. With Altiris or DLO, enterprises are limited to an on-premise endpoint backup solution.

Enterprises have the flexibility to deploy inSync either on-premise (including a private cloud option) or in the cloud.

  • inSync Private Cloud allows businesses to benefit from the elasticity, multi-tenancy, and flexibility of the cloud along with the security, compliance, and cost advantages of hosting infrastructure behind the company firewall
  • inSync Cloud allows on-demand storage capacity increase and the ability to create storages in multiple geographic regions
  • inSync Cloud offers industry-best security including compartmentalization of customer data (virtual private cloud) and two-factor encryption key management that ensures no Druva employee can access customer data

12. End-user Experience

Legacy backup solutions such as Altiris and Symantec DLO are highly intrusive to end-users and diminish employee productivity.

inSync’s automated backup is virtually invisible to end users and is non-intrusive.

  • Advanced deduplication at the client-side minimizes the bandwidth and storage required, resulting in smaller, faster backups
  • Both CPU and Bandwidth usage can be set to a percentage of what is available ensuring that the user-experience is optimal
  • Altiris and DLO do not allow any CPU throttling but allow throttling of bandwidth by specifying an absolute bandwidth cap (sub-optimal over WAN connections)

13. Device/OS Heterogeneity

Altiris and Symantec DLO can backup only Windows-based PCs and laptops. This leaves not only PCs and laptops running on other platforms unprotected but also an entire class of endpoints – smartphones and tablets – liable to data loss.

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