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17 Business Benefits of Endpoint Backup

Executive Summary

Many companies today are adopting endpoint backup solution to protect and restore data that reside on end user devices in response to trends, such as: BYOD, the increased need for data governance due to regulation and litigation, and the rising mobile workforce. Such a solution provides clear business wins for your IT team, but you may be surprised how teams across the organization – including end users, executives, legal teams and your customers – also benefit.

We’ve collected 17 real-world business benefits we have heard directly from current customers on the benefits your company will receive from implementing Druva inSync endpoint backup.

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Your IT Department

The decentralization of data has caused some serious health issues for enterprises, in that the data have now moved from residing explicitly within the organization, to existing on end user devices. Druva inSync puts the control back in the hands of IT with a platform that was built for the mobile workforce, providing complete visibility and control of data.

1. Centralized mass deployment and administration will free up IT resources

Druva inSync streamlines deployment, on-boarding, and user support. A central administrative console supports mass deployment and rollout without end user involvement. With one unified platform to easily create policies, monitor activity, and enable data access for eDiscovery, inSync reduces time and resources required to install, deploy and manage backups across your company endpoints, freeing up your team to move up the value chain to do more innovative projects, training or server maintenance.

2. Reduction in frontline IT time

A typical IT team spends significant time responding to end user requests for recovering lost files and devices. With Druva inSync deployed, the IT team spends less time on frontline support. In one customer case, more than 90% of calls for backup support went away after end users were able to do restores without IT help. With fewer help desk calls about lost files, the time spent managing lost devices is reduced significantly.

3. More satisfied end users

Let’s face it: end users have a high expectation of the IT team when their data get lost. When a file is damaged, lost or destroyed, the urgent question is “Where did my data go?” It’s expected that IT has a solution in place to protect employee data. With Druva inSync, the IT team can access data backed up in the cloud, and respond quickly and positively, resulting in satisfied end users.

4. More nimble response by IT to legal requests related to compliance and discovery

Due to the exploding volume of corporate data on endpoints and the rise of litigation to protect corporate IP, the need to collect and preserve data has become more critical. The current approach to eDiscovery involves many tools and takes time-which means money. With Druva inSync, the IT team can respond quickly to legal hold requests to facilitate the eDiscovery process.

5. Global-ready cloud storage

With ever-changing data privacy requirements across geographies, it’s important for IT teams to allow for multiple regions and availability zones for better control over their data in the cloud. Being able to specify where data can be accessed for each of your office locations will guarantee compliance with strict data regulations. This is all possible with Druva inSync and its scalable cloud architecture.

Your End Users

6. Easy, fast restores of lost files

In most organizations without an endpoint backup solution, end users are backing up their own devices inconsistently and irregularly. Returning data backup and restore to the hands of IT brings peace of mind to your employees. And, when data are lost or stolen, recovery is painless. Instead of having to hold laptops hostage for a few hours while IT makes the switch to a new device, IT can issue a new laptop and direct the users to log on to Druva inSync and do a quick restore. This keeps end users focused on their work with less downtime.

7. Zero impact on performance

Druva inSync is a reliable backup solution that doesn’t affect endpoint device performance. Because inSync works unobtrusively in the background, most of the time end users don’t even realize that all of their important files are being backed up effortlessly and continually as they work. That means less disruptions for your workforce.

8. Empowering end users to help themselves

Even if an employee leaves a laptop at home or damages a file, he can access data instantly via the Druva inSync client, empowering them to restore files on their own without ever having to contact IT. This significantly reduces overhead, freeing up IT’s time to focus on other projects rather than handling these types of support requests.

9. Secure file sharing

Your employee’s first priority is getting the job done and staying productive, and in that pursuit many turn to unreliable and unsecured cloud services to share files, often inadvertently mixing personal and business data. With Druva inSync, employees have a 100% secure method to share files with each other – whether onsite or remote – all under IT control.

Your Legal Department

10. Faster file recovery

Traditional methods of eDiscovery on endpoints require four to five days just to locate the data; depending on size, it could take weeks or even months before actually getting your hands on it. That is not the best way to scale and respond to important legal requests. With Druva inSync, legal teams will see faster turnaround times from IT, saving time and budget. Additionally, inSync has integrations with eDiscovery analysis platforms, such as Recommind and AccessData.

11. Ability to hold data over time

Business processes commonly require companies to hold that data for a certain amount of time for compliance or eDiscovery reasons. The old way involved manually disabling computers until they could find an easier and more efficient way to do it. With Druva inSync, legal teams can ensure that all data within the company can be accessed for necessary holds with just one click.

12. Always-on protection of corporate IP

Legal teams know better than anyone that corporate data are important assets. They want to know that the valuable content being created by employees will not make its way into the wrong hands. Druva inSync offers full visibility into data across devices, as well as controls to manage file access across type, geography, and employee.

Your Executives

13. Peace of mind when their own high-value data are protected

Executives who travel frequently are likely to carry irreplaceable data such as critical contacts and valuable research, often saved only on endpoints that are not backed up. With Druva inSync, executives are safely backed up and can stay focused on bigger business challenges.

14. Controlling Costs

Back in the day, the loss of laptops and other mobile devices were usually written off as simple expenses, but over time companies realized the cost of these losses accumulated exponentially. The true average cost of a lost business laptop is about $50,000 when factoring in not only the device, but the data on it. Druva inSync contains and reduces this cost in the form of uptime, restored files, and business continuity.

15. Improved Employee Productivity

With Druva inSync, employees are able to return to productivity much more quickly without worrying about restoring data that might have been lost with a misplaced or damaged device. Getting back up to speed is no longer an issue with inSync.

16. More strategic management of corporate information

Rather than think of laptop backup as an insurance policy or something you do after too many incidents of data loss, Druva inSync enables companies to think proactively about data governance and data loss prevention, laptop backup, and secure file sharing in one solution.

Your Customers

17. Protection from breach or misuse

While your customers may not know about your choice to protect and govern your corporate data, Druva inSync helps safeguard and protect critical information behind the scenes so your chances of breach and exposure are greatly reduced — protecting your brand and maintaining hard-won customer trust.


The business gains delivered by Druva inSync multiply when you consider the solution not just for endpoint backup, but for addressing other challenges – such as secure file sharing; managing the lifecycle of assets across users, geography and network connections; and enhanced data governance for eDiscovery and compliance needs.

Everyone has a role in protecting data within an organization, and Druva inSync offers a cost-effective, easy to use, scalable solution. Share these benefits with your internal teams and add or share your own Druva inSync business wins – we’d love to hear from you.

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